Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

How to Save Money on Real Estate Closing Costs

by Andre George

Closing costs are a natural part of any real estate deal. Here are some ways that you can cut down on the expenses that come with closing on your new home.


When you're closing your real estate deal, that's the last chance to negotiate for any other perks before the ink has dried. You may not be able to shave off any more on the closing price, but can your real estate agent negotiate anything else into the deal? For example, perhaps you really love a piece of furniture that was left in the house during staging. Perhaps you could negotiate to buy it along with the property and save yourself time and money on shopping for your own furniture.

Shop Around for Closing Services

There are a number of legal procedures that you will need to accomplish during closing. Shopping around for title settlement and other services can save you a lot of money. It's worth finding a company that can do multiple things for you and bundle them together into a fair price to save you time and money during your search. Talk to a company like Whitford Land Transfer to learn about your options.

Share Costs With the Seller

The seller may also be willing to help out with certain costs that go along with closing. Home inspection is one task that is in everyone's best interest. A home inspection helps you because it gives you peace of mind in knowing that the house isn't falling apart. But it's a good idea for the seller too, since they probably don't want to have to deal with disputes later if you feel that you were misled. Try to negotiate with your seller to pay for certain parts of the fees involved with closing. They might pay for the home inspection, while you pay for the title settlement fees.

Close Towards the End of the Month

Prepaid interest can get you if you close at the wrong time of the month. Generally, closing towards the end of the month is the best option for streamlining your mortgage payments to avoid overpaying for this financial service.

In short, a real estate closing is all part of the deal and something that you should continue to research carefully when buying a home. There are several ways that you can save money at the last few seconds before closing, so ask your real estate agent for advice on how to be money-savvy during closing.


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Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

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