Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

Shopping For A Home? Benefits Of A HOA

by Andre George

Once you decide it is time to buy a home, you may be overwhelmed with options. From traditional styles to ranch homes or slab or crawlspace houses, the different options are endless and confusing. Another factor to consider is whether you want to buy a home in a neighborhood with an HOA or not. An HOA, or homeowner's association, may involve paying a monthly or annual fee, but it can be beneficial. Here are a few reasons to consider a home with an HOA.

Protected Home Value

One of the biggest benefits of an HOA is that it will help protect the value of your home. Of course, you may be wondering how this is possible.

Basically, if you own a home in a neighborhood with an HOA, you will need to consult the board before making any improvements or changes to your house. If you want to paint the siding or add a shed, the project needs to be approved by the board first. This will ensure homeowners are not making unappealing, less-valuable additions or improvements to the home, which would affect the neighborhood's look and the home's value.

Regular inspections are also performed in neighborhoods with HOAs. If a yard is unkept or dirty or the home is in visible distress, homeowners will be notified. Once notified, the homeowner will have a specific amount of time to make adjustments, so their property value and appeal is not affected.

Finally, the HOA may or may not include ground's maintenance. Lawn care, shrub and tree trimming, and clean up of community areas and entrances may also be included in the HOA fee. This maintenance will also protect the appeal of your neighborhood and the value of your home.


In addition to helping protect the appeal and value of your home and other homes in the neighborhood, most HOAs offer amenities that can also benefit you and your family.

A neighborhood with an HOA may have a community pool, for instance, which homeowners and their families can use without any additional fees outside the traditional HOA fee. Other amenities may include a clubhouse where you can have parties and community events, tennis courts, basketball courts, walking trails, or even a gym.

Even though you may be concerned by the HOA fee, the use of these amenities can be a great investment.

Help is available when you are ready to buy a home. This guide will help you understand the benefits of buying a new home for sale with an HOA.


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Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

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