Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

4 Home Trends To Avoid In Your New Home Design

by Andre George

Designing your own home gives you the opportunity to incorporate whatever trends, designs, and looks you like. However, while your options are endless, they are not all good options. There are some trends that might be popular right now, but are not a smart choice in the long run. When designing your new home, here are some trends you're best off avoiding.

Tile Countertops

Tile counters look appealing because they have more texture than the average granite or laminate counter, and they're really affordable. However, looks are about the only thing these trendy counters have going for them. The grout lines are tough to clean, which means your counters will look dingy and dirty before you know it. Since the countertop is not smooth, you'll have a tough time rolling out pie crust or cookie dough on its surface. Save the tile for your floors and backsplashes!

Over-the-Range Microwave

Placing a microwave over the range is trendy for space-saving reasons. Indeed, this is a convenient layout, but it is one that ignores the long-term needs of the microwave. Over time, all of the heat and steam coming from the range is going to damage the appliance. The door will get dirty quickly due to steam accumulation, too. A better place for your microwave is within its own cabinet — or even under the counter!

Between-Room Bathrooms

A bathroom situated between two bedrooms with a door on either side sounds convenient, right? The problem with this trendy layout is that you always have to remember to lock the opposite door. After your family members walk in on you in the bathroom two or three times, you're sure to get annoyed with this design. If you want a bathroom to be shared by two bedrooms, just place it across the hall.

All-Open Shelving

Open shelving is taking the kitchen design world by storm. It is a good idea when used in moderation. You can place your more attractive dishes and cookware on it, giving your kitchen a warm appeal. Using all open shelving, however, is a mistake. The second you get a bit messy with your storage, your mess will be out for the whole world to see. Include at least a few cabinets in your kitchen layout so you have somewhere to hide the mess and store odds and ends.

To learn more about the house design trends that are worth using, talk to your builder. Contact a home builder company like Kent Gayle Homes today in order to learn more.


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Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

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