Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

Disability Access Apartments

by Andre George

Staying active and healthy requires living in an environment that is supportive of personal goals. Being mobile and preventing accidents is one way to improve personal quality of life. Modifying an existing home that the family owns is an expensive modification. Rented single-family homes rarely will allow tenants to make structural improvements to make their lives easier. Purposely moving into an apartment that has been built for someone who is disabled can remove daily stressors caused by living in a traditional home or apartment. Here are a few tips for finding disability access apartments. 

Look for entrances that easy to get in and out of with minimal assistance. Prospective new apartment tenants may need a ramp that makes it easy for their wheelchair or walker. Looking at pictures online is one way to see how wide the entrances area. Most apartment complexes will have these measurements available upon request or listed on their website. 

These dimensions are important because they are wider throughout the disability access apartments. This wider width makes it possible to fully move through the apartment even when furnished. Bathrooms will have walls built with additional bar support to help minimize falls. All controls to maintain a level of comfort will be reachable while in a wheelchair. Light switches, thermostat control panel, and outlets to plug in appliances will be easy to reach. The stovetop, microwave, sink, and dishwasher will be set at a lower level to ensure they are useable. Some of the storage cabinets in the kitchen and closets will be modified so they are reachable. 

Having the flexibility each day to use the bathroom safely and prepare meals will support personal independence in disabled access apartments. Think about how extra time will be spent while living in the apartments. There will be instances when common areas will have to be accessed. Going into the leasing office should not be a source of anxiety, the pathway there and back to the apartment should be spacious and easy to navigate.  Common areas such as laundry facilities and community rooms available for reservation for events should be accessible to all residents.

Scheduling an appointment to visit disabled access apartments is one way to make the decision process easier. Bringing along a trusted friend or family member is one way to prevent other people from worrying about how suitable the new apartment is. Take time to apply for desirable disability access apartments as they are usually limited. 


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Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

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