Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

Insight to Help You Locate the Best Property Manager Service for Your Vacation Unit

by Andre George

When you own a vacation rental property, keeping it rented for good market rent and making sure it is maintained with cleaning and repairs can be some of your biggest concerns. When you are not available to handle your own property management, the best thing to do is hire a local property management company. The following provides you with some insight about choosing the right property manager for your vacation rental.

Look for Low Vacancy Stats

When you are looking for someone to manage your vacation rental property, one of the most important details of the task is to keep your property rented. Whenever your rental property is vacant, it is technically losing out on rent. And when the property does not make a rental income all the time, you are losing out on income that will cover the property's costs and also go into your own pocket as cash flow. 

For this reason, the property manager you hire should be able to successfully market and advertise for your rental so they can keep its vacancies filled regularly. However, you don't want to price your rental too low so that you lose out on money, as it is essential that you and your property manager can come to a good price range for the rental. A range that is priced according to the market rental rate, which is not too high and not too low is going to attract a good number of vacation renters.

Evaluate a property manager based on how successful they are with renting their rentals and their vacancy rate. You can ask for their stats on rental rates and also find out how they market for vacation rentals. Look to see if they have a property management website that will allow them to find new renters and for booking access, and also customer service through email, phone calls, and texting so your customers can get any questions answered and your rental will have the service. 

Evaluate Their Service Area

Another consideration you should use in your evaluation is the area a property manager works within and completes their business services. It is important that you find a property manager that is local to the area where your rental is situated because it is going to help them be more successful in many areas of the job. A property manager that is local in your rental property's area is going to be close by to handle maintenance and service calls, as well as know the market and its specific area. This can help them determine a rental rate price for your property that is going to attract the greatest number of renters but still maximize the rent collected.

A property manager that is already working in your property's area is also going to have a good selection of professional connections to help them with various tasks. For example, if your vacation rental needs plumbing work completed, the property manager will have a plumber they use regularly who is professional and guarantees their work to ensure your vacation rental gets the service it needs.

For more information about vacation property rentals, contact a company like Skye Management today. 


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Your Home Is A Stage: Tips For Real Estate Staging

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